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Hooes Road Park

A New 90' Baseball Field for Springfield Babe Ruth

Update October, 2004

The contractor completed leveling of the field and installation of the backstop and the concrete pads for the stands and the dugouts. Discussions are underway with the Park Authority for the installation of an irrigation system, fencing, infield dirt and grass.

Update September, 2003

They started clearing the ground for the 90' field this month. The picture below was taken from the far edge of the parking lot. This is the first work that has taken place at Hooes Road Park. Eventually, there will be three soccer fields as well as the 90' baseball diamond.

Update June, 2003

This month, Springfield Babe Ruth and Springfield Youth Club signed papers and pledged a substantial amount of money to facilitate the renovation of Hooes Road Park. Development is scheduled to start in August, 2003, with Phase I completed by November, 2003.

January, 2003

It is with pride that Springfield Babe Ruth announces the coming of a new baseball field at Hooes Road Park. This field will become the future home for Springfield Babe Ruth. Eventually, this field will accommodate as many as 26 games per week. This field will be ours, Springfield Babe Ruth's, for our teams to use. We hope it will become the community jewel for the older Babe Ruth baseball players that Byron Ave Park and Trailside Park have been for Little Leaguers.

The park renovation is a joint effort between Springfield Youth Club, Springfield Babe Ruth and the Park Authority. When it is all finished there will be a new soccer field to join the existing two fields which will be renovated and upgraded. The baseball field will be a quality field much like South Run. Eventually the soccer fields as well as the baseball field will be lighted.

The renovation of Hooes Road Park has been a long running effort dating back to 1995. Many Babe Ruth fund raisers have been conducted to generate the money we have to put towards the field. Springfield Babe Ruth thanks all of the parents, players and sponsors who put forth money and effort to make this a reality. To all of you who contributed in the past towards this field, please be assured that while your children may have graduated out of Babe Ruth baseball, the current generation of Babe Ruth players appreciate and will benefit from your efforts.

Construction will begin with County contractors in July of this year. By September, the rough grading, installation of new drainage ditches and movement of large amounts of dirt will have been completed. Then comes the making of the field.

Support from Babe Ruth Parents

Like the many Springfield Babe Ruth families who worked hard for this field in the past, we are asking the current families in Springfield Babe Ruth to pick up the effort and complete the task. The Park Authority will provide the rough grade for the field and park infrastructure like increased parking, runoff water management and other big ticket items. We have been asked and have pledged to take the field from the rough grade to a complete field. We hope to take the field beyond that of South Run, with the installation of batting cages, bull pens, and a combination press box concession stand. However, we do not have the all the money necessary to hire commercial companies to do everything we want for the field. So, we have to stretch our money by purchasing the materials and asking for volunteers to provide some of the labor.

If you have special skills that you are willing to donate to the project, give the president a call at (703) 451-8325.

Watch this site for updates on the project.

Shannon Coffey
President, Springfield Babe Ruth

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