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Welcome to the Springfield Babe Ruth League (SBRL)

The Springfield Babe Ruth League has three levels of play: Senior, National and Prep. The Player Agent coordinates the assignment of players to levels based on age and skill level, prior participation, membership on a high school team, and/or performance at a tryout. League Directors and the Player Agent conduct a pre-season player draft, using an auction system, to assign players to teams.

Our Mission

SBRL is organized to promote citizenship, improvement of baseball skills and knowledge, and a healthy competitive spirit. The league provides instruction, team competition and personal examples.

The league provides a program for young people 13 through 18 years of age to develop baseball skills and knowledge while practicing good sportsmanship.

The league also tries to help the players make friends and to have fun playing baseball. These objectives will be accomplished only by a cooperative effort by all members of our community.

The organization consists of a Board of Directors, managers, and coaches, and is staffed and administered entirely by volunteers.

Each year, the league provided an enjoyable and challenging experience for over 150 youth in the Springfield - Franconia communities.


Team Formation Policy for Ages 13-15

In 2010, Springfield Babe Ruth adopted a policy for the 13-15 age division that allows players to stay with teams they played with previously. This has been a very successful policy in our senior league for many years and it has been extended to the 13-15 age division. This policy also extends to teams coming out of Little League that would like to stay together as they transition to Springfield Babe Ruth. We are still preserving our younger leagues (Prep, and National Leagues), but teams may form up as Prep teams and stay together until they reach the Senior league. The way this works is players that are on a Prep or National League team may stay on the team until they reach league age 16. If they are on a Prep team, the whole team will move into the National League the next season.

Little League teams transitioning to Babe Ruth may designate 6 players to the transitioning team. This is for two reasons, because Major League Little League teams have on average 6 players aging up to Babe Ruth and also to maintain balanced teams in the Prep League. Additional players are selected to the teams through the draft.

Please consult the Springfield Babe Ruth local rule book for more information.


League Ages

Senior: All players: of league ages 16, 17, and 18.
National: All players: of league ages 14 and 15.
Prep: Players: league age 13.

League age for 2015 is determined as follows.

  Birth Date
  01/01/96 to 04/30/99   16-18
  05/01/99 to 04/30/00   15
  05/01/00 to 04/30/01   14
  05/01/01 to 04/30/02   13


Almost everyone who signs up to play SBRL baseball will be required to attend a tryout. At registration, players' names are written on the front of a tryout card. That card is mailed to the player approximately two weeks prior to the tryouts and will indicate the date, time, and place for the player to report. Consult the Important Dates page for tryout dates. Players should arrive about 15 minutes prior to the indicated time. National and Senior players who are returning to the same team they were on last year, do not tryout. If any of these players choose to return to the draft, they are expected to attend tryouts. Any player who is a member of a high school junior varsity or varsity baseball team is not required to tryout.


Tryout Process

The player agent will divide the number of players so that each session has approximately the same attendance. When players arrive at tryouts, they must check in with the player agent. The agent will verify any missing information and assign a number to each player. This number corresponds to a preprinted list that each manager previously received. This list contains the player's name, height, weight, positions played, and experience. The volunteers try their best to complete each session within the assigned hour. This is, however, not always possible. Even with the best efforts, some sessions may start late. Each player will get a full tryout time. During this (approximately) one hour session, each player will be asked to display the following skills: Batting skills will be demonstrated with five pitches for each player. A pitching machine is used during the batting session. On the last swing, the player will run at full speed to first base. Each player will get two or three balls hit to him/her at shortstop. Each ball is to be fielded and thrown to first base. Each player will get two or three fly balls hit to him/her in the outfield. Each ball is to be fielded and thrown to a cutoff player. A pitching machine is used for the outfield session. Each player who wants to tryout for pitcher and/or catcher will be asked to stay at the tryouts for extra time. All others are free to leave after the hitting and fielding. Each pitcher will warm up before trying out and will then be asked to throw approximately eight pitches from a mound (if available) to a catcher in full equipment. Curves may be thrown at the pitcher's option. They are not required. The catchers will be asked to throw to second base in simulated steal situations several times during their tryout. The catchers are encouraged to bring their own equipment if they have it.


Advice to Players

Players should do their best at all times. Often the weather is cold and damp, and some players may want to just finish quickly. It is really important that the managers get a good look at the players' abilities. It is important to remember that 13 year-old players are NOT trying to make a team. All 13 year-old players invited to tryouts are guaranteed to be on a team. The purpose of tryouts is for the managers to observe the players so that they can draft balanced and competitive teams for the league. Only 13 year-olds attend the prep tryouts. If a player cannot attend at the assigned time, please contact the player agent immediately. He will make every attempt to reschedule at a more convenient time. There is only one tryout for each league, so he cannot give you a different date. Do not assume that tryouts will be canceled due to weather. Tryouts have been held in parking lots in prior years. The agent will make every attempt to complete the tryouts as scheduled. Call the league hot line or, if in doubt, show up. While SBRL provides basic equipment, most players want their own. Players must have their own glove and shoes. Metal cleats are allowed at all age levels. Metal or wood bats can be used. (Click here for information about bats allowed in Babe Ruth games)


SBRL President: Shannon Coffey, shannon_coffey@mac.com
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